Fees & Attendance

Full Day Fees (7:30am to 5:30pm)

Under 3Over 3 (including 20hrs ECE)
2 Days$105$35
3 days$157$35
4 Days$210$60
5 Days$262$112

Part Time Fees (Up to 6.5hrs per day, 9:00am to 3:30pm)

Under 3Over 3 (including 20hrs ECE)
3 days$135$0
4 Days$180$30
5 Days$225$75

Invoices are issued weekly. For the smooth running of the centre, it is very important that your fees are kept at least one week in advance. Accounts are payable weekly in advance. Fees are to be paid by automatic payment, direct debit or cash. Your account should always have a positive balance. We have the right to withdraw your child from our service should your account be in arrears. We will use a debt collection agency to recover any unpaid accounts. You are required to pay for any legal costs involved in the recovery of your account.

Creative Cubs offers free 20 hours subsidy which is provided by the Ministry of Education to all 3-6 year old children. To be eligible you must complete an Attestation form which confirms your attendance and that you are not attending another Early Childhood Centre at the same time as you have applied for funding here.

Many families are entitled to a childcare subsidy through WINZ; these are paid directly to our centre. The subsidy is based on your annual income and you will need to apply to WINZ to receive your entitlement. 


We have a minimum enrolment requirement of 2 days. This is because we understand the importance of routine and consistency with children. This is particularly important for older children as they prepare for the transition to school. 

Having children attend 2-3 days ensures they form relationships with teaching staff and other children and become familiar with our daily routines. 

Creative Cubs does not accept children on a trial basis. 

Once a starting date has been agreed, one week’s notice is required to postpone this. 

Please ensure that you contact the kindergarten if your child will be absent. When children are absent from an enrolled session the full fees are still charged.

Pick-up’s & Drop-off’s

Each day your child attends please remember to sign in and out on the tablet with your provided pin number.

For your child’s safety, if anyone other than yourself is picking up your child, we must be notified by a phone call or at the start of a session, or the child will not be allowed to leave until we have made the necessary calls. 

Please refer to the fee schedule for information on changes and notice periods/late fees.