Our Learning Spaces

Our nursery and preschool spaces offer nurturing, calm and inspiring environments. Each child has a key teacher who is responsible for learning development and routines. 

Nursery (6 months to 2 years)

Our nursery is a calm and unhurried environment, underpinned by the RIE and reggio Emilia philosophy where children are respected as natural explorers and self learners. 

We embrace a home like environment, where we reflect children’s routines and rituals from home to ensure consistency and predictability. 

We value primary care-giving where every child can build a strong relationship with their carer. Through consistent and meaningful interactions, children feel safe and secure, happy and capable. 

Preschool (2 years – 6 years)

Our preschool is a mixed aged group where we value respect, kindness and inclusiveness. The older children become role models for the younger children, whilst the younger children can engage in more complex experiences to positively challenge their learning and development. 

Children are supported to explore and discover their own learning through interactive, creative and engaging ways. We learn through creativity and wonder where one day we might be travelling around the world on a magic carpet, the next going on an nature adventure to explore 

Through active pretending and imagination, we can think outside of the box and challenge our thinking skills. Through, music and movement drama, storytelling and visual arts we can bring learning to life so that every child can feel excited about learning! To sing, act, move and play is part of our every day programme!