The Creative Cubs Story

It all began as a young child, coming from a big family, knowing from a young age that I wanted to work with children and be a teacher. My mother used to call me the ‘Piped Piper’ as she has memories of me as a natural leader engaging with children. My interest turned into passion, becoming a qualified early childhood teacher in 2010. During my years of teaching, I have had opportunities to explore my passion in both teaching and leadership roles, dedicated to empowering children to develop a love for life long learning. 

My passion for music came hand in hand with my teaching. Due to a large part of my life as a muso (such as performing, vocal and instrumental training) I developed a love and connection for music. I incorporated music and movement into my teaching experiences to discover the amazing benefits children reap. It was clear that music was a natural platform for every child to explore and learn in a holistic way; engaging all areas of development, physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. With a commitment to spreading the gift of music to others, I focused on providing a service where early childhood centres could engage in inclusive music and movement programmes where every child had the opportunity to benefit from what music has to offer. Every day I was able to witness the joy and learning children gained from their music experiences. 

Weaving both my passion for teaching and music together, my dream has come to life through creating Creative Cubs Early Learning Centre alongside my brother. I feel privileged and honoured to offer a place where children and families can be apart of the Creative Cubs whānau.

As owners of Creative Cubs Early Learning Centre, we are committed to providing high quality care and education. Our commitment to quality is reinforced by passionate and caring owners, qualified and dedicated teachers, low ratios and a unique and enriched curriculum that empowers children to discover a love for life long learning.