What to Bring

  • Named spare clothing 
  • Suitable shoes 
  • Named bottle
  • Special comforters (if applicable) 

Items can be brought in each day or be left at the centre (including spare clothing). We can let you know when supplies are running low.

Water, fruit and crackers (morning and afternoon tea) sunhats, sunblock, bedding, cow’s milk, and wipes are provided. 


Children must bring a named lunch box with food. We encourage parents to provide nutritionally balanced meals appropriate for the age of their child. Water will be available to the children at all times. For infants, please bring enough formula or breast milk for your baby’s daily requirements. 

Toys from Home 

Cuddly soft toys, pillows or blankets can be brought along to the centre. These will be kept in their cubby so that children can find them whenever they need a cuddle. Security blankets and transitional objects (soft toys etc.) can have huge benefits for a child’s emotional well-being. They help children to feel comfortable and secure in a new space and support self-regulation. We encourage children to think about their emotions and decide when they do and don’t need their transitional objects throughout the day. Please ensure other toys are not brought to the centre.