Parent Involvement

We have an open door policy, where parents and family are welcome into the centre at any time. Parent participation sends a strong positive message to your child that you support them and their learning journey.

We value strong partnerships between parents, caregivers and your child. Communication is a vital part to the success of this partnership. We welcome parent involvement, whether it may be materials for our art supplies (such as egg cartons, cardboard tubes, boxes etc), a skill/interest to share with the children or just to come in for a coffee and play. 

Open and meaningful communication is an essential part of our programme. Parents are kept informed of centre life and events through Storypark, newsletters, notices posted in the centre, and through our Facebook page. We also hold Parent/Whānau evenings and special celebration events regularly throughout the year and welcome you and your whānau to attend.

Parents are asked to contribute to policy development, internal evaluations and decisions concerning their child’s care and education. 

Operational documents, expenditure of Ministry of Education funding and information concerning your child is available to parents and whānau on request to the centre manager or head teacher.

Our most recent Education Review Office review is displayed on the wall in the reception.